Garrison English Leather Belt - Black/Brass

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Barnes & Moore's Garrison belt was born out of a desire to make a high quality belt, that would look good, stand the test of time, and essentially hold the jeans up!

Barnes & Moore's settled on a simple, functional design, with a focus on the quality of materials and workmanship, and set about creating a belt.

Barnes & Moore's chose English vegetable tanned bridle ‘butt’ leather for the strap that is stained and finished by hand, and renowned for its quality and durability. The ‘butt’ is known to to be the strongest, part of the hide due to fibre strength and reserved for only the finest leather strap products.

Hardware was equally important so Barnes&Moore went to the England’s last remaining sand cast foundry who also hold the Royal Warrant and supply goods to Her Majesty the Queen of England. Barnes & Moore has been casting brass since 1837, so they’re pretty good at it. Using traditional skills they cast Barnes&Moore a buckle made to their own unique design, from solid brass. Each of our Garrison buckles weighs in at a hefty 100g and is built to last a lifetime.

The result of Barnes & Moore's endeavours is a belt of outstanding quality, handmade with the care and attention that mass production will never imitate.

How they make it

Each leather belt strip is hand cut to their standard width of 38mm (1.5’’), trimmed to size and the tips hand shaped. The edges are bevelled and hand ‘burnished’, which seals the fibres of the leather, not only for aesthetics, but to help prevent the edges absorbing moisture. The strap is then cut to receive the buckle, which is riveted by hand. Finally the belt holes are punched and the leather is hand polished. 

About the leather

Constructed from 9-10oz finest English Bridle leather. Full grain, vegetable tanned using a time consuming, environmentally friendly process which utilises natural materials, including tree bark. This method achieves a supple, natural finish that will develop a beautiful patina over time. Standard width of the Garrison is 38mm (1.5”).

English hand cast, heavy, solid brass buckle with a natural polished finish. Fitted with solid brass rivets and solid brass keeper.

Supplied with Barnes & Moore's original gift box, made from recycled materials and complimentary 5ml pot of our handmade natural beeswax polish (contains natural beeswax, mineral oil and natural vanilla essence). 

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