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GROOVER manufacturers eyewear by traditional production method which has been inherited in Tokyo for a long time. Although many of eye wear production around the world have been automated and hand-made parts have been diminishing, GROOVER manufacturers them thoroughly by generously putting their traditional craftsmanship technique. It might not be the best for economic efficiency, but it creates unique finishes and feelings through enormous amount of time and effort. It also makes beautiful cutting and curved surface you have never seen anywhere in the world.



  • Flame Width : 5.25"
  • Lenses Width : 1.75"
  • Lenses Length : 1.5"
  • Bridge Width : 1"
  • Temple : 5.75"

Material ;

  • Flame : Acetate
  • Lenses : UV Sun Lenses

*Designed for use as both Sun and Rx flame.

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