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Monitaly’s exclusive 'Vancloth & Sons' fabric

Oxford version – 100% Cotton water-resistant
Made in Los Angeles, California, USA
* Water-repellency may weaken after several washes.

Filling: 100% Polyester
Lining: 100% Nylon


  • Insulated, diamond-pattern quilting

  • Rip-stop nylon parachute fabric lining

  • Lightweight

  • Hooded with reflective bungee drawcord

  • YKK waterproof zipper front closure

  • Round, longer back panel

  • Reflective bungee drawcord at the hem

Filled with seven ounces of high-loft virgin hollow polyester insulation, the fluffy quilt fabric used as lining of this garment helps keep you warm in a condition where doing light activity in temperatures approaching freezing. The quilt traps air in a space between its synthetic fibers and the air gets warmer as your body temperature increases with movement. This quilt mimics the feel of down but gives you the benefits of a synthetic insulation and less-bulky feeling. Unlike down which becomes heavy when damp, the quilt remains light in weight even when a bit wet. The quilt is stitched with a super lightweight rip-stop nylon fabric. It’s the same specification as real parachute material; durable, soft and windproof.



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