Tillerman Card Holder - Black Horween Shell Cordovan Edition

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Designed for those who prefer a minimalistic wallet solution, this card holder will slip neatly into a jean, trouser or shirt pocket unobtrusively, and still accommodate your cards and cash. Featuring 2 card pockets and central slot for folded notes. Dimensions of the Tillerman are 70mm (2.8”) wide x 100mm (3.9”). Handmade from the finest materials at our workshop in England

Supplied with Barnes & Moore's original gift box, made from recycled materials and complimentary 5ml pot of our handmade natural beeswax polish (contains natural beeswax, mineral oil and natural vanilla essence).

About the leather

Constructed from genuine 4 – 5oz Horween Shell Cordovan leather, with Horween Chromexcel horsefront inner.

Shell Cordovan is renowned for its extremely hardwearing properties, and was originally manufactured by Horween in 1905 for use as razor strops due to its durability.

Considered to be the finest leather in the world, it is also one of the most sought after leathers in the world and in constant short supply as only limited quantities are produced.

The process the shells go through takes a total of 6 months, and is extremely labour intensive. Each equine hide is hung on frames and pit tanned using Horween’s own unique tanning solution, which includes tree barks and resins.  The hides are moved around regularly to ensure each hide is evenly tanned, then after 30 days they are removed and the hides ‘shaved’ by hand to reveal the ‘shell’ membrane. The shells are then pit tanned in stronger solutions for a further 30 days, to ensure both the outer and inner fibres are penetrated by tannins. The shells then undergo various processes for a further four months, including the ‘hot stuffing’ of various fats, oils and greases into the leather, and also hand polishing to achieve the high gloss the leather is famed for.

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