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Material : Silver 950 /  Cubic Zirconia


"MAGICAL DESIGN", the designer;"HIDEO UCHIYAMA" is one of the most famous Japanese tattoo artist.
Hideo Uchiyama, Representative Director and Designer / MAGICAL DESIGN INC. He started his career as a tattoo artist in Tokyo, opening his studio, MAGICAL TATTOO, in 1989. From 1991, he had worked primarily in Germany,getting to know various American and European tattoo artists. He founded MAGICAL DESIGN INC. in 2000. The main motif design in his art, a skull,represents the limits of a life. He has worked hard to include various elements of Eastern and Western cultures and thoughts in the design and ensure that each item would convey its own meaning to the customer. Over the years Magical Design has done multiple collaboration with the fashion industry's top dogs such as; UNDER COVER, Number (N)ine and Rockin Jelly Bean.


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